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Escaping Your Past was born from a desire to start the process of setting people free from past hurts and present fears and to help put your life in perspective so you can move on with the least resistance possible from clinging thoughts and memories.

All our posts are Evergreen and timeless regardless of post date.

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windows movie maker
How To Make A Video Using Windows Movie Maker
How To Make A Video Using Windows Movie Maker includes everything you'll need to get started. At then end of this
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taking yourself seriously
Taking Yourself Seriously
Taking yourself seriously is the title of this article, and yet it is and it isn't the subject. Now that
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balance in life
Gratefulness Is A Key Element to Personal Development
Balance is what people who desire to be whole strive for. In order to create a healthy and accurate perspective of life and to
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Decoding Childhood Programming – Trauma, Neglect & Abuse
When a situation of abuse or extreme neglect has taken place, some learned information needs to be edited or deleted
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Addicted To Approval
Being Addicted To Approval brings with it a lot of extra baggage Being Addicted To Approval is a fairly common
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And I’ve Wondered…
Have you ever stood before a tall and aged tree and felt humbled by it's very existence?  I know I
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