Escaping Your Past is about the journey of Personal Development

Escaping Your Past is about putting the past in perspective, focusing on the present and ensuring the probability of a quality tomorrow.

For many of us the debris, clutter and traumas of past experiences cling tighter than they should. This isn’t at all to minimize their severity rather it’s giving the experiences more power than they should have. Escaping Your Past isn’t about trying to “normalize” and simply deal with an occurrence, rather Escaping Your Past is about perspective, true perspective. The act of Escaping Your Past is attainable.

By increasing certain basic traits of character, increasing skill sets and most of all refusing the clinging power that some aspects of our past may have over us at the present time. You are called to a purpose and by focusing on your today and tomorrows it’s our hope that your journey of personal development will be a fruitful one.

Perfection is not a goal but living a satisfying, productive and beneficent life is. You are still the author of your today and the one who molds your tomorrow.

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