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Escaping Your Past was born from a desire to set people free from past hurts, present fears and to help put your life in perspective so you can move on, forward with the least resistance possible from clinging thoughts and memories.

It’s about gaining an accurate perspective and to revive the process of thinking with unhindered clarity.


  • The Goal:   In short, we want to you to get a vision for your full potential and to deal with everyday life issues with clarity and confidence.

  • The Questions To Be Answered:  The first question is “How do I reach my full potential?”  The next question is “How do I stand on my own, confident in my own opinion and analysis?” The third, “How do I put the past in correct perspective and deal with it so I can move on with freedom?”

  • How To Accomplish These Goals:  Through articles shared, personal experiences of others, professional references, topical posts, podcasts and videos, we hope to bring you the best information available to assist you in your goal.

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Please note that the advice and information contained within this site is not intended to replace the one on one care of a medical physician or a degreed / certificated professional therapist or counselor. Especially in times of extreme behaviors the reader is urged to consult with their chosen professional in their local area.


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